• Load image into Gallery viewer, 2002 DODGE DAKOTA 4.7L SHORT BLOCK
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 2002 DODGE DAKOTA 4.7L SHORT BLOCK


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SHORT BLOCK:             $1,380

SHIPPING TO 95605     $200


LIFTGATE:                      $60

INTAKE MANIFOLD      $150   (Guaranteed to be cleaned)

Total:                            $1855


If you want to cancel the lift-gate or the intake manifold please let me know i will adjust the purchase price



You are purchasing outright 1999 - 2007 JEEP/DODGE remanufactured engine assembly considered a “SHORT BLOCK”. This engine will come complete as seen in the pictures with new pistons, rings, bearings and freeze plugs. The engine has the Crankshaft resurfaced, refinished, reground to meet the factory OEM specs.

Jeep Parts Depot is a LLC  business since 1994 and we have been rebuilding engines for over 20+ years!

We carry all 4.7L engines from 2002 vehicles all the way to 2012 however these engine are NOT all the same and are not simply a drop in upgrade for a newer year. The correct engine will have to be purchased for the correct vehicle. If you are unsure please send us your complete VIN so we can help you purchase the correct engine from the correct listing that we have. We have many engine listings and once your order is placed we will need your complete VIN to ensure that you have ordered the correct engine.

short block includes:

New pistons ( 20 over )

New rings  (20 over)

New rear main seal

New freeze plugs 

Machined crankshaft with new (10 over) bearings 

New connecting rods as needed

Machined and honed piston sleeves (20 over)

Blocks bored and honed


Rest assured, we will not just send what you ordered until we know 110% that it will work for your vehicle. Any questions, please ask we are more than happy to answer them all, from simple logistics questions to advanced technical questions. The certified installer is responsible to visually inspect the engine for any irregularities before installation and bring them up to our attention immediately. If something doesn’t look the same as your old engine, please ask first we are not responsible for labor costs!

Warranty: All of our engines come with a standard 3 Month warranty on parts only. NO LABOR REIMBURSEMENT. Overheating or any kind of failure from external parts such as a faulty water pump, radiator, etc., is not covered by any part of this warranty. It is MANDATORY for your old intake manifold to be replaced as debris (old engine metal fragments) will work its way into the walls of the old intake and may break free into the new engine at any time. Also you will need to purchase an OEM MOPAR Oil Pump, not aftermarket. Your old intake manifold being used and not sending us proof of new intake manifold purchase will void your warranty. It is the responsibility of the owner and certified installer to check all hoses, radiator, heater core, and all other parts of the cooling assembly that may cause any damage to the new engine including but not limited to the electrical system (Fan, relay, ECU, etc.,). Heat tabs are also installed on the engine. ANY TAMPERING of any of the heat tabs will void your warranty. Melted heat tabs which show signs of overheated engines will void your warranty. It is the responsibility to check the rear main seal of the new engine prior to installing the engine. Some engine will come with only the rear main seal installed but will need another visual inspection prior to assembly to make sure the seal wasn’t damaged in shipping. Leaks are the responsibility of the installer including the rear main seal (which still has to be verified before installation) we do not install any seals or gaskets for the engine (although they are all provided for your with the engine). Engine oil must be replaced after the first 1,000 miles and every 3,000 mile intervals thereafter. Engine installations must be installed by a professional certified shop with a credentialed installer and regular maintenance MUST be performed. Proof of maintenance must be provided in case of a warranty claim.

In case of any warranty claims: 1) We will need to speak with the installer who will be advised to perform some tests to determine the cause of the failure. 2) We will need a copy of your installation receipt from the certified installer showing your VIN, mileage during installation, year, make and model of your vehicle. 3) Copy of your receipt for new intake manifold purchase at time of installation 4) Pictures of both heat tabs to determine if engine was overheated and special marking made during installation 5) Proof of all prior maintenance receipts with mileage.

In the case that we determine the engine will need to be replaced, we will need to receive your engine and inspect it before a replacement engine can be sent. All inspections will be done within 24 business hours of receiving your engine with picture proof sent back.


Engines are oversize heavy item and therefore must be shipped via freight carriers. Our engines come strapped and secured to a pallet for safe transportation. Your delivery address must be a commercial (business) address with either a loading dock or access to a forklift. If a lift gate or any other form of unloading assistance is needed, please make sure to contact us BEFORE purchasing. Residential delivery / Liftgate have additional charges from the freight carrier and is solely the responsibility of the buyer. We must be told in advance, Freight Company charges us more if redelivery is needed due to delivery address issues which are the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us for exact shipping quotes to residential addresses. If incorrect information is provided, additional charges will be incurred during delivery and are solely the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us first with your exact shipping details. Local pickup is available and recommended for residents in Southern California. Buyer can also arrange their own shipping if they wish, however a $55 palletizing and handling fee will be charged. We offer free local delivery and free core pickup within 50 miles of our 91352 zip code. All engines are shipped within a maximum of 5 business days after orders are placed. 


There is a 20% restocking fee on ALL returned or cancelled engine orders after 24 hours of your order being placed. If engine is shipped, the shipping charges will not be refunded because they are charged by the freight company and will not be refunded to us. Buyer will be responsible for additional costs to ship the engine back to us during a cancellation.


All questions and concerns, please contact us we are more than happy to answer every question you have!

Thank you in advance for your business! 

-Jeep Parts Depot